Street Cross Street Sale Day Map Zone Items Sold
1027 November Dr Fiesta Ln Saturday B3 Fabulous Garage Sale
19220 Tilson Ave Finch Ave Saturday D3 Big sale with a wide variety of items. Something for everyone. Just want to get rid of stuff, come buy!
10364 Paradise Dr Terry Way Saturday C2 Multiple Household Sale!! Treasures collected by people Who LOVES shopping! Useful new kitchen stuff and lifestyle tech items, new printer, cool decor and art, funky retro collectibles, dog lover fun and practical items, small furniture, all in excellent/new/good condition. Functional and fun items to enhance your living space and activities.
7549 Prospect Rd Galway Dr Saturday C4
1136 Elmsford Dr Belknap Dr Saturday B3 We have so much that shoppers should have a good time to browse and shop!!!
10953 Sweet Oak St Homestead Rd Both days B1
21111 Grenola Dr Flora Vista Ave Both days B1 kids toys,women cloth, back to school, mask, bookbiding
1111 Acacia Way Granada Ct Saturday Stroller, car seat, pack and play, high chair, baby stuff
22560 Stevens Creek Blvd Camino Vista Dr Both days A2 Downsizing estate, full size waterbed, furniture, kitchen, books, crafts, computer desks, coffee table, multiple families also selling
11186 Linda Vista Dr Rainbow Dr Sunday B3 books, kids clothes,toys
20347 Clay St Antoinette Dr Both days C3 Kid: girls clothes (4-8yo), girls shoes, high chair, toys Women/Men: clothes, shoes Home: home appliances, decor
22116 Clearcreek Ct Phar Lap Dr Saturday B2 household and kitchen items, furniture, women's clothing
10412 Scenic Cir Palm Ave Saturday B3 blankets, bed spreads, Japanese items. old paper dispenser/cutter, Fitbit Charge 3, picture frames, puzzles, bed bumper guards,
10265 Farallone Dr Pacifica Dr Saturday C2 Golf pull carts and many other golf things, jewelry, clothing , picture frames, photo albums, wine glasses , silverware some antiques , salt and pepper collection and some old comic books. books, kitchen items etc.
10381 Lindsay Ave La Mar Dr Both days C3 Household items. Antique radios. Miscellaneous items. Electronics.
10222 Carmen Rd Janice Ave Saturday B2 Multi-family sale. Lots of kids stuff - Barbies, legos, games, books, etc.
10422 Scenic Cir Palm Ave Saturday B3
10524 Randy Ln Merritt Dr Both days C1
10886 Linda Vista Dr Columbus Ave Saturday B3 Women’s high end clothing size 4-8, shoes size 6, household items, garden art, linens, and much more. Multi-family.
10232 Pasadena Ave Olive Ave Sunday B2
21811 Hermosa Ave Orange Ave Sunday B2 Young couple who are huge Disney and FRIENDS fans selling various novelty items! Other items include clothing (women’s size XS/S and men’s size M/L), electronics, kitchen items/mugs/coffee cups, bags, games, and decorative items. Brands include Nike, allbirds, UNTUCKit, Soludos, Polo, J Crew, and more. Come find a hidden gem!
19041 Barnhart Ave Barnhart Ct Saturday D3 Household items, dishes, decorative items, fabric, clothing
10411 N Stelling Rd Hazelbrook Dr Saturday C2 Miscellanous things: books, toys, inflatable kid pool (4'x6'), kid-size exercise bike, walker with handbrakes, Christmas wrapping paper, board games,
22405 Rancho Ventura St a Foothill Blvd Both days B2 clothes rack, kayak, big trampoline 20ft. basketball rack.
11009 Maria Rosa Way Columbus Ave Saturday B3 lamp, luggage case, youth sports equipment, clothes.
8093 Presidio Dr Bubb Rd Both days B3 Books, lots of women's clothing, some men's clothing, oak desk chair, hundreds of household items, bicycle, stamps, coins. picture frames, tools...
10881 Barranca Dr Homestead Rd Saturday B1 Exercise equipment, CDs, Books, houseware items, antique coke machine, outside furniture, clothing
22286 S De Anza Cir Drea Rd Both days B3 22286 DeAnza Circle South Household items, Christmas items, furniture, tools, plants, clothes, books, camping equipment.
11570 Upland Ct Upland Way Saturday B4 Books, kids toys, free bike trailer
21104 White Fir Ct 21104 Mcclellan Rd Both days B3 books, furniture, house decorations
10715 Peninsular Ave Maxine Ave Saturday B1 Tons of Toys and Kids Clothes! Stereo amplifier (JVC, NAD, Yamaha, Sansui).
7449 Tiptoe Ln Westlynn Way Saturday C3 Clothes, toys, house decoration, baby stuff, kitchen & dining
7439 Stanford Pl Rollingdell Dr Sunday C3
10516 Whitney Way Pacifica Dr Sunday C3
10516 Whitney Way Pacifica Dr Both days C3 14 ' fishing boat, shop saws, tools, misc.
10425 Glencoe Dr Greenleaf Dr Both days C2 We are open right now Sunday and we still have plenty to offer! Estate sale: books, furniture, clothes, household items, mini-fridge, leather saddle, pair of skis, garden items and more.
10132 Deeprose Pl Price Ave Both days C2 A little of everything. Kitchen items to Yard decorations. Jewelry, furniture, day bed, coffee table, cabinet, tool box and much more.
21871 Alcazar Ave Byrne Ave Sunday B2 Kids books, kids clothes, toiletries, kids toys, Winter jackets, ski boots, ski gloves, ski accessories
19947 Beekman Pl Blaney Ave Both days C1 Jigsaw puzzles
10921 Maxine Ave Homestead Rd Saturday B1 household items, clothes,
22410 Cupertino Rd Foothill Blvd Both days B2 clothes, furniture, applainces, household items, exercise equipment, sports equipment
10358 Lozano Ln Rodrigues Ave Both days C2 furniture, vases, art work, china, kitchen supplies
10372 Ann Arbor Ave Hazelbrook Dr Saturday B2
20573 Rodrigues Ave Terry Way Both days C2 Baby furniture (cribs, strollers, jumpers, etc.), toys, patio furniture, grill, other furniture, silverware, ktichenware
10369 Tonita Way na Shelly Dr Both days C2 Novels, reference books, textbooks, course notebooks, handyman books, technical books, gardening books, National Geographic magazines, computer books, dictionaries, software disks
20941 Pepper Tree Ln Stelling Rd Saturday C2 Bose satellite speaker systems, student acoustic guitar, lots of garden pots, small Tiger rice cooker, CDs/DVDs, camping chairs, clothing size small
10238 Cold Harbor Ave Wintergreen Dr Both days D2 Succulent, Goji Berry Plant, Strawberry Tree
18710 Hanna Dr Wunderlich Dr Both days D3 Baby, kids, household.
10980 Maria Rosa Way Columbus Ave Saturday B3 Furniture, keyboard & stand, housewares
19682 Amherst Dr Denison Ave Saturday D2 Misc household items, kitchen appliances, electronics, clothes
10735 Martinwood Way Gillick Way Saturday C3 books, games, toys, PC equipment, clothes, miscellaneous
22762 Medina Ln Degas Ct Both days A2 DESIGNER WOMEN'S CLOTHING, ie Designer tops $5.00 each, Athletic Clothing (Adidas & Reebock), Plastic Bins & containers, Disneyland/Mickey Mouse Classic Jackets, LOTS OF GOOD STUFF...
10362 Judy Ave Stern Ave Both days D2 Bookshelf and chairs
19715 Wheaton Dr Denison Ave Saturday D2 From 9-1 House hold items and misc.
10684 Martinwood Way Bollinger Rd Saturday C3 Clothes, shoes, gift items
20088 Las Ondas Ct Las Ondas Way Both days C2 toys, kitchen and household stuff, furnitures, in-house plants, succulents, etc., lots of free stuff, come to check it out!
10490 S Tantau Ave Barnhart Ave Saturday D3 books, furniture, clothes
7689 Peach Blossom Dr Aster Ln Saturday C4 antique Ball canning jars, pictures for hanging, 2 prom dresses, a children's lamp, never used back pack, purses, toys and books for children, a few Hawaiian items, small antique cups and saucers, old dolls and books.
20351 Silverado Ave De Anza Blvd Both days C3 Clothes, books, kids learning materials, household items.
10720 Martinwood Way Bollinger Rd Saturday C3 Misc items. Everything free.
22150 Wallace Dr Barranca Dr Saturday B1 just about everything-cleaning out the garage sale stuff room.
10466 Flora Vista Ave Grenola Dr Both days C1 Decorative accessories, Vases, pots, small figures, miniature furnitures, paintings, lamps, one bed frame, kitchenette, printers, miscellaneous
10472 Lockwood Dr Alcalde Rd Saturday A3 A lot of plumbing and electric parts, wires, adapters, microphones. Writing boards. Lamps. Rolling and ice scates. Sleds, Hallowing items.
19992 Rodrigues Ave Blaney Ave Sunday C2 Barbie doll accessories, beanie babies, Halloween costumes and decor, 6x3 foot glass patio table, miscellaneous stuff
18781 Arata Way Calvert Dr Both days D2 Video games, strategy board games, succulents, books, graphic novels, Pokemon cards, furniture, kitchenware, kitchen appliances, women’s & men’s clothing, jewelry, scarves, accessories, high end fashion, vaccine card holders, crafting supplies, lawnmower, pet supplies, and more.
881 Cottonwood Dr Atherwood Ave Saturday D3 Study desk, floor stand lamp, printers, organizers, shower caddy,
7496 De La Farge Dr Westlynn Way Both days C3 Multi-family
22687 Voss Ave Foothill Blvd Both days A2 men's bicycle, Tablas (Indian percussion instrument),
10066 Judy Ave Stevens Creek Blvd Both days D2 Antiques (inherited items from Parents & Grandparents) Computer Equipment (CPUs, monitors, printers, projectors and more) Dishes (fancy tea cups with matching saucers) Household items (pots & pans, cooking ware, dishes) Small appliances Books
21411 Vai Ave Bubb Rd Saturday B3 patio furniture, local honey, large easel, Ruud Heater with duct work. Golf clubs, skis, ski boots, beekeeping equipment, German dishes hand painted
10279 Judy Ave Loree Ave Saturday D2 42"dia x 18"h pine coffee table Fishing equipment (reels, fishing rods, lures, etc) Logitech Z-2300 subwoofer and speakers I'm sure more good stuff
11221 Bubb Rd Terrace Dr Saturday B3 Multi family sale. Comic books. Household items. Glassware. Kids, Teens, Women and Men's clothes. Crafts. Decorations for all holidays. come on by!
10370 Prune Tree Ln Peach Tree Ln Saturday C2 Men's Golf clubs, Lots of assorted items for $1
10721 Carver Dr Tilson Ave Saturday D3 Dishes, utensils, foldable umbrellas, carry-on luggage, Japanese comics, seasonal decorations
19146 Anne Ln S Tantau Ave Saturday D2 addition to previous ad. sail for small boat, trailer towing wind deflector, canning jars, and more.
10368 Westacres Dr Mcclellan Rd Saturday C2 Fly fishing equipment-- fishing flies clothes, shoes, knives
6354 Blackwood Dr Candlewood Dr Sunday D3 games, books, dishes
18690 Hanna Dr Wunderlich Dr Saturday D3 Children’s Books, kids clothes, kids shoes, sports equipment, household items, women’s shoes, adult jackets
10300 Palo Vista Rd Rancho Ventura St Both days B2 office furnitures, whiteboard, kids furnitures, kitchen utensils, toys, books, mat, drum set, scooter, bike, etc.
10439 Glencoe Dr Greenleaf Dr Saturday C1 CANCELED.
000 Mira Vista Rd Janice Ave Sunday garage sale CANCELLED. DO NOT come.
10323 Noel Ave Fitzgerald Dr Both days B2 Furniture, starter houseplants, misc household items, books, clothing
21093 Red Fir Ct Mcclellan Rd Both days B3 Electronics, Computer peripherals, Bike, Overnight camping backpacks, clothes
21752 Columbus Ave Rosario Ave Saturday B3 21752 Columbus Avenue
10591 Farallone Dr Pacifica Dr Saturday C3
10611 Tuggle Pl 18865 Tuggle Ave Both days D3 Garden tool/All kinds Plants/Chair/same bamboo baskets/desk lamps/Clothes/Kitchenware/Pictures Frame and painting/Vintage Camera/used cell phones……,,
21150 Canyon Oak Way Foothill Blvd Saturday A2 Furniture, Designer bedding, Holiday decorations, small appliances, books, toys.
10239 E Estates Dr Vicksburg Dr Saturday D2
10631 Farallone Dr Suisun Dr Saturday C3
20649 Gardenside Cir Gardenside Cir Both days C4 furniture(office chair, vanity mirror table), household small items, baby items
21924 San Fernando Ave Byrne Ave Both days B2 tools, bicycles, tires, portable AC
8143 Park Villa Cir 8143 Bubb Rd Saturday B3 Books, furniture, clothes, gifts, electronics, bike, backpack, bike parts, cameras, glasses, and other.
10671 S Blaney Ave John Dr Both days C3 3 Bookshelves, twin bed, elliptical, dining chairs, and more.
10746 La Roda Dr na John Dr Both days C3 great merchandise
10390 Pineville Ave La Mar Dr Saturday D3 moving all household items.
22289 Janice Ave Mira Vista Ave Both days B2 Plants, houseplants, succulents, cacti, edible plants, inversion table, craft making supplies,
10730 La Roda Dr John Dr Saturday C3
1155 Hunterston Pl Robindell Way Both days C4 General household items.
19874 Wheaton Dr N Portal Ave Both days C2 small appliances, jewelry, clothes, books
10209 Carmen Rd Janice Ave Both days B2 Estate Sale: Kitchen Items including Dishware, Glasses, Utensils, Kitchen Appliances, Vases, Records, Oak Furniture, File Cabinets, Desks, Teak Dining Table, Kitchen Table/Chairs, Media Cabinets, Sofa, Coffee Tables, Record Players, Piano, Bedroom Furniture, Cedar Chest, Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, Drafting Tables, Lamps, Small Safes, Art Work, Various Collectibles, Misc. Household Items & more.
10058 Dove Oak Ct Majestic Oak Way Saturday A2 Multi-Family Garage Sale. Vintage items, LEGOs, Halloween costumes, small furniture, swim gear, clothes. Lemonade Stand!
20358 Clay St Whitney Way Saturday C3 EVERYTHING FREE
10700 Merriman Rd Foothill Blvd Both days A3 jogging stroller, kid bike carrier, kid books, toys, laptop bags
7920 Mcclellan Rd 1 Bubb Rd Both days B3 Sofa, Office Table, Revolving Chair, Book Shelf, TV Table, Coffee Table
6288 Shadygrove Ct Miller Ave Saturday D3 TV and FM antennas (new), vacuum cleaners, crock pots, wool blankets, Christmas decorations, wet suit and floatation vest, fireplace wood holder.
21866 Wilson Ct Stokes Ave Saturday B1 Electronics: Power supply, router, speakers, amplifiers, cables Furniture: Dining table, queen bed frame, mattress, baby beds Multiple bikes, helmets RC plane remote and parts Various hand tools and electric tools: drill and bits, Dremel, wrench Storage boxes, storage shelves Sporting goods: Skis and boots, snowshoes, ice axes Camping: Tents, sleeping bags, and pads, air mattress Sat 9/18, 9-12p
22530 Kinst Ct Foothill Blvd Saturday A3 VINTAGE: Christmas ornaments, cards, dolls, linens, furniture,frames, paintings, lamps, suitcases,rockers,chairs; Toys,Craft/Art supplies; miscellaneous fabric, sewing supplies; miscellaneous kitchen, cookware, household items; plastic zip bags (many sizes); photography items, golf clubs&bag, vintage skis,boots, poles - Many FREE items
10041 Phar Lap Dr Stevens Creek Blvd Saturday B2 Britannica encyclopedia (complete set with great books, 15th edition)
21408 Krzich Pl Bubb Rd Both days B3 Rolling storage carts, roller skates, small shelves, books,......
10238 Richwood Dr Miller Ave Saturday D2 Various home furniture/decor. Electronics. DVD's. Clothing. Pool Table (Black/Red). Antique Singer Sewing Machine (1910). Patio Furniture, and other miscellaneous items.
12100 Stevens Canyon Rd Montebello Rd Saturday household items, camping gear, sports equipment, women's clothes, kids/baby clothes and toys, furniture
10861 E Estates Dr Bollinger Rd Saturday C3 Cargo Box Carrier with key, kitchen items (pots & pans, baking pans, blender, dishes, etc.), arts & craft, fabric, linen, new wooden desktop easel, new rattan ottoman, some women, mens, and children clothing, toys, stuff animals, triple vintage candy dispenser, some books... Please no early birds and do not block our neighbor's driveways. Thank you and happy shopping!
21716 Noonan Ct Orange Ave Both days B3 Records, entertainment center, dining hutch, flatscreen tv’s, Air conditioners, something for everyone + free stuff.
1472 S Stelling Rd Waterford Dr Saturday C4 bikes, bike frames & parts, golf bag, clubs &balls, air compressor, rainbow vacuum cleaner, general & garden tools, xmas ornaments, ski, poles & boot, children' books, clothings, electric lawn mower, grandfather clock, hydraulic jack, dishes, speakers, antique lamp, luggage bags, art paintings, pots of cactus & plants, assortment of electric wires, plastic chairs, wrapping papers,
19120 Meiggs Ln S Tantau Ave Saturday D3 Entry cabinet, kids sand/water table, tween dresses/pants, American Girl Doll horses, toys/games
22225 Cupertino Rd Stevens Creek Both days B2 House goods, furniture, tools, pet carrier, pet wire fencing, diving equipment, portable baby crib, antique's, books, camping gear.
21820 Oakview Ln Mann Dr Saturday B2 Toys Adults and kids clothings Books Tools
7954 Sunderland Dr Yorkshire Dr Saturday B4 Everything is FREE! Large plastic totes Garden pots, recreation equip
18851 Hunter Way Morengo Dr Saturday D3 Portable ACs, dehumidifer, vintage speakers, tools, chop saw, router, art supplies, manual reel lawn mower, garden tools, 16' ladder, small and giant wind chimes, MIB carpet cleaner, water lilies & pots, microwave cart, large wooden aircraft propeller, big wooden Garuda from Bali, plastic model kits, and more!
10343 Noel Ave n/a Fitzgerald Dr Saturday B2 car top carrier, patio chaise, barbecue, books
19904 Merritt Dr Blaney Ave Saturday C1 Antiques, Collectables, Misc. Household Items, Clothes, Books, Oak Table
21370 Vai Ave Bubb Rd Both days B3 Desk, chest of drawers, free baby items (high chair, car seats, etc.), night stand, file cabinets, etc.
20711 Sunrise Dr Western Dr Both days C2
10637 Farallone Dr John Dr Both days C3 Clothes, jewelry, furniture
20061 Suisun Dr Blaney Ave Saturday C3 Maternity clothing, Baby and toddler clothes and toys
8059 Presidio Dr Bubb Rd Saturday B3 Bicycle, dining room chairs, kitchen cart, plastic Sterlite drawers, garden items, college dorm items, shoe rack, household stuff. Plus assortment of free items!
18880 Pendergast Ave Barnhart Ave Both days D3 Books, Furniture, Clothes, Shoes, and Tools.
11023 Sweet Oak St Homestead Rd Saturday B1 clothes, area rug, bed frame, mattress, etc
7876 Creekline Dr November Dr Saturday B3 Various Bikes, Childrens toys
1021 Tuscany Pl Heatherwood Dr Saturday C3 Cancelled. Downsizing household, kitchen items, glassware, books, electronics, knick knacks, office supplies, men's & women's career/casual clothes, shoes: women size medium, shoe size 8, men size large/xlg. Face masks required for shopping. Cash only.
909 Brookgrove Ln Willowgrove Ln Both days D3 household/kitchen items, clothing, furniture, sports items, books
10131 Bilich Pl Wheaton Dr Saturday C2 books, clothes, furniture
10845 E Estates Dr Estates Dr Saturday C3
21491 Vai Ave Bubb Rd Saturday B3 5th wheel trailer attachment; farm jack, vineyard stakes; HP plotter;TV antennas;PVC pipe parts. Proceeds go to American Cancer Soc. Relay for Life
985 S Tantau Ave Bollinger Rd Saturday D3 iPhone 6, iPhone 4, IKEA sleeper sofa, monitor stands, computer bags, cable modem for Comcast, Nighthawk tri-band WiFi router, i7 desktop PC, books, DVDs, CDs, LP records (vinyl), board games, king duvet cover, women's clothing M/L, woman's size 7 shoes, Jack LaLaine juicer, and more.
18731 Tilson Ave Johnson Ave Saturday D3 CANCELLED
6069 Shadygrove Dr Ferngrove Dr Saturday D3 desk, computer desk, glassware, housewares
20693 Cheryl Dr Tonita Way Saturday C3 Tools, bikes, books, toys
10247 Will Ct Lazaneo Dr Saturday C2 Rubbermaid Storage Shed,Sharp Portable AC, 8Ft Trampolin, Baby Clothes, Toys, Playhouse plastic balls (200+), Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Racer for kids,booster car seat, Wooden Desk with Hutch, Leather chair, leather sofa (beige single),Steam Mop,Samsung 31" TV, Cable Tire Chain, Coolers, Radiant Dish Heater, Fan,folderable Lounge chair, Antique German Violins, 1939 Mason N Hemlin Symetrigrand Piano
10679 Farallone Dr John Dr Sunday C3 books, furniture, tools, clothing, kitchen equipment, wine cooler, videos, Christmas decorations and more
6371 Atherwood Ave Cottonwood Dr Saturday D3 Books, skis, holiday decorations, handmade cards, vases (glass/ceramic; Ikebana related), handbags and miscellaneous household goods
19641 Drake Dr Merritt Dr Saturday D1 End tables, credenzas, used car seats (good for turning in for credit at Target/BBB/etc.), antique set of drawers, kids toys, kids bikes, other kids items.
8087 Presidio Dr Bubb Rd Saturday B3 Purses, Women's clothes, electronics, books, misc. household items
7427 Bollinger Rd De Anza Blvd Sunday C3 Antique Chinese boxes, collectibles, tea cups
10441 Castine Ave Greenleaf Dr Saturday B1 Tools, books, men and women's clothing, luggage, speaker set, bathroom hardware, kids toys, kettleball, and much more (including free stuff)
22047 Clearcreek Ct Phar Lap Dr Both days B2 luggage, cookware, wheel chair, electric appliances, kids toys, oak hardwood flooring, jackets, men's and women's clothing, picture frames, games, CDs,
10411 Lansdale Ave La Mar Dr Saturday C3 Books, electronics, playing cards, miscellaneous
7330 Rainbow Dr De Anza Blvd Both days C4 Household items,camping items, recycled bikes books ,clothes nik nakks
922 Liberty Ct Bubb Rd Both days B3 books, clothes, furniture, teapots
10430 Plum Tree Ln Merritt Dr Saturday C2 Household items, kids toys, books, holiday items, vegetables, as a member of Buy Nothing Cupertino, everything is free.
20199 Suisun Dr Farallone Dr Saturday C3 Bags, backpacks, kids clothes, electronic cables, custom jewelry
10679 Nathanson Ave Amulet Dr Both days B1 books, furniture, toys, paintings,
19851 Lindenbrook Ln Estates Dr Both days C3 baby clothes, toys, kids accessories, some books etc.
11582 Seven Springs Dr Bubb Rd Saturday B4 Wood cupboard with glass doors k top and 2 drawers with lock; dinning table with 4 chairs; coffee table, small wood filing cabinet; dishes, toys.
10467 N Stelling Rd Greenleaf Dr Saturday C1 Not participating. Sorry.
18851 Tuggle Ave Wunderlich Dr Both days D3 hoverboard ( like new ), Mother Goose with the books and tapes ( never used ), stained glass pieces, commemorative plates, old I-phones.
10495 N Stelling Rd Greenleaf Dr Saturday C1
8093 Presidio Dr Bubb Rd Both days B3 shovels and gardeing tools, computer cables,picture frames, bike, warriors bobble heads, oak chair, baseballs, sports stuff, women's and men's clothing
22310 Janice Ave Mira Vista Rd Both days B2 Your neighborhood thrift store with lots of clothing, kitchen items, books, cds, crafts, etc. to browse!
10629 Gascoigne Dr Wunderlich Dr Both days D3 There will be some items for free as well, feel free to stop by!
6378 Blackwood Dr Candlewood Dr Both days D3 Massive pop-up sale for former Monta Vista book, record, comic, graphic novel and manga shop Wow Cool Alternative Comics. And much more.
21091 Rainbow Dr Stelling Rd Both days B4 CASH, Venmo or Apple Pay only. Lots of fun and unopened items.
10271 Mira Vista Rd Janice Ave Saturday B2
10375 Wunderlich Dr Tilson Ave Both days D3
11830 Upland Way Seven Springs Dr Both days B4
22863 Longdown Rd Lamplighter Sq Saturday A2
20320 Town Center Ln 830 Park Green Ln Both days C2
20861 Dunbar Dr Beardon Ave Both days C1 Come to our garage sale for lots of great quality clothes, accessories, monitor/PC/games consoles, electronics, toys, books, and household items!
22560 Kinst Ct Foothill Blvd Both days A3 Free bicycles, kids wear
10307 Menhart Ln Wunderlich Dr Sunday D2
10524 Meteor Pl Meteor Dr Both days B1 Everything is under $10 and less.
20095 Las Ondas Way Somerset Dr Saturday C2
11235 Catalina Ct Terrace Dr Both days B3 Multi family-pruced to sell! Something for everyone!!! Lots of unique items and freebies. Everything must GO!!!
1150 Stafford Dr Folkestone Dr Both days B4
1582 S Stelling Rd Prospect Rd Saturday C4
10400 Oakville Ave La Mar Dr Both days D3
22289 Janice Ave Mira Vista Ave Saturday B2 Lots of plants, succulents, houseplants, edible, groundcover, different sizes from clippings to large landscaping plants
904 Old Town Ct Presidio Dr Both days B3
10471 Scenic Cir Scenic Blvd Saturday B3 purses and wallets
10219 Judy Ave Loree Ave Both days D2
10420 E Estates Dr La Mar Dr Saturday D3
10467 Manzanita Ct Canyon Oak Way Saturday A1 Bunk beds, Korean heated bed, 36 inch Sony Trinitron
22324 Palm Ave Foothill Blvd Both days B3 Local artisan of handmade jewelry and more!
22448 Salem Ave Apt 2 Foothill Blvd Saturday A2
1032 Bubb Rd Columbus Ave Saturday B3
10485 Sterling Blvd Barnhart Ave Both days D3
1780 Lark Ln Homestead Rd Both days
868 Brookgrove Ln Shadygrove Dr Saturday D3
7367 Rainbow Dr De Anza Blvd Both days C4
7716 Squirehill Ct S Stelling Rd Saturday C4
10837 Linda Vista Dr Hyannisport Dr Saturday B3
10369 Tonita Way Cheryl Dr Saturday C2
10581 Madera Dr Stevens Creek Both days B1
7608 Erin Way Kim St Both days C3 LOTS OF FREE STUFF
20374 Clifden Way Bollinger Rd Both days C3 Oak master bedroom set - head board and night stand- excellent condition
6381 Myrtlewood Dr Lancer Dr Saturday D3 Random Lego bricks - $3 for a quart bag, handmade cards, computer monitors, archery supplies
21333 Vai Ave Bubb Rd Both days B3 Vintage Apple, Audio! Guitars... amps... ukuleles! TONS of electronics! Cameras! New stuff each day! NO EARLY BIRDS! 9AM to 1PM only!
10230 Scenic Blvd Janice Ave Saturday B2
21594 Grand Ave Santa Clara Ave Both days B2
8099 Hyannisport Dr Bubb Rd Both days B3
22165 Via Camino Ct Ainsworth Dr Saturday B1
7659 Rainbow Dr Stelling Rd Both days C4
10390 Mann Dr Meadowview Ln Saturday B2
1016 Bubb Rd Pumpkin Ct Both days B3 Magic TCG cards! Board games and toys for kids! Old movies and furniture!
10340 Stern Ave Stevens Creek Sunday D2 398
10510 Larry Way Merritt Dr Saturday C1
932 New Haven Ct Presidio Dr Both days B3
19932 Price Ave Mello Pl Both days C2
7536 Dumas Dr Westlynn Way Both days C3
10381 Malvern Ct La Mar Dr Both days C3
7638 Kirwin Ln Kim St Both days C3 TWO FAMILIES -- DOWNSIZING!
10110 Peninsula Ave Stevens Creek Blvd Both days B2
10693 Pinole Ct John Dr Both days C3 MOVING SALE- GOLF, SKI'S, camping, crib, kids stuff , PICTURES, ART COLLECTION
7374 Rainbow Dr 1 Rainbow Dr Saturday C4
20791 Garden Gate Dr Stelling Rd Saturday C2 Various items will be available to purchase- some used, slightly used, or new.
22362 Cupertino Rd Hillcrest Rd Saturday B2 Luggage, bicycles, purses, dog crate, DVDs/CDs, clothing, shoes, backpacks, wooden sewing basket, bedding,electronics,tools,mahjong table, jewelry
10581 Whitney Way Clay St Saturday C3 Toy Samples, Sports Memorabilia, Home Decor, Books, Puzzles, Kids Clothes, Adult clothes, including an assortment of coats, Bikes, & Household items.
22405 Rancho Ventura St Foothill Blvd Both days B2
19084 Tilson Ave Judy Ave Saturday D3 Girls clothes size 4-6, Boys clothes size 5-7, Girls Jeans Aritzia , Rag and Bone, Joe's , True Religion, Abercrombie, porch bench, comic books.
906 New Haven Ct Presidio Dr Both days B3
22753 Voss Ave unit B Lockwood Dr Sunday A2
7893 Robindell Way Stelling Rd Saturday B4 Engineering instrument cabinet bird cages (large and medium) "candy" iMac Chinese banquet set
10433 Glenview Ave Blaney Ave Both days C3
10471 Glenview Ave La Mar Dr Saturday C3
10642 Larry Way Merritt Dr Saturday C1
7712 Robindell Way Stelling Rd Both days C4 Jeep OEM soft top and windows
10540 Mira Vista Ave Santa Paula Ave Both days vintage toys/games, mid cent modern lamps/accessories, crystal, flatware, serving dishes, small appliances, fabric, kirby vacuum, crib mattress, golf
10637 Gascoigne Dr Wunderlich Dr Saturday D3
22119 Rae Ln Hyannisport Dr Both days B3 Indian and western formal cloths just like New
10555 Deodara Dr Merritt Dr Saturday C1
20815 Alves Dr Stelling Rd Both days C2 Hoarder/barn cleanout--6 chain saw $10 ea*. 5 weed trimmer $12 ea*; l4eaf blower $10 ea*much more CFL and inc bulbs ONE FREE PER PERSON * needs workr
10671 Minette Pl Minette Dr Saturday D3 Harley Davidson leather Jacket,Fukagawa dishes, imperial glass whirling Star punch bowl/14 piece, quilts, jewelry 925
19190 Tilson Ave Finch Ave Saturday D3
19811 Price Ave S Portal Ave Saturday C2 wooden jewelry racks, trivets
10243 Randy Ln Camarda Ct Sunday C2
10305 Stern Ave Stevens Creek Blvd Sunday D2 functional microwave, vacuum cleaner, foot stool, juicer, pedestal fan and much more
22374 Riverside Dr Foothill Blvd Both days B3
21801 Rifredi Ct Carmona Ct Saturday B2
10420 Castine Ave Greenleaf Dr Sunday B2
10653 Minette Dr Wunderlich Dr Both days D3 Huge variety of plants including many fruit trees, Jades and other many succulents at a good price. Must come and see.
10451 N Portal Ave Merritt Dr Saturday C2
22845 Poplar Grove Sq Firwood Dr Both days A2 Lots of kids’ stuff, toys, & games
10116 Lamplighter Sq Ridgeway Dr Saturday A2
18910 Newsom Ave Johnson Ave Saturday D3 Stroller, dresser, baby clothes
10431 Lansdale Ave La Mar Dr Saturday C3 Classic computers (not PC/Mac!), Wizard of Oz books, craft magazines, Oz things (toys, ornaments). NordicTrack SL 710. SciFi books, LCD monitor, TV
21435 Holly Oak Dr Bubb Rd Both days B3 including Japanese dishware
10346 Scenic Blvd Palm Ave Both days B2
19854 Wheaton Dr Mclaren Pl Sunday C2 Doll House w/Dolls , Hot wheels w/Track , Legos , Red flyer wagon w/canopy , MBZ 12v ride on car , games , action figures , kids table w/ chairs , etc.
20825 Alves Dr Stelling Rd Both days C2 3 swimming pool pumps $20 ea; electrician supplies (wire, etc); motors, student desk; 4 bicycles; 6 propane tanks $20 ea; 6 weedwackers $12 es--need
10565 Beardon Dr Greenleaf Dr Both days C1 lots of kid's clothes and toys
8173 Presidio Dr Fort Baker Dr Both days B3
19841 Baywood Dr Pear Tree Ln Both days C2 Moving sale - everything will be cheap and everything must go! Lots of household items, kids books and toys, clothing for all ages, furniture, etc.
20201 Patric Ct Farallone Dr Both days C3 Books, toys and clothes for elementary and middle school aged kids.
10380 Scenic Blvd Palm Ave Saturday B2
10628 John Way Mcclellan Rd Saturday C3
10190 Byerly Ct Salem Ave Saturday A2
20235 Northglen Sq 280 Fwy Ramp Sunday C1
10430 Pineville Ave La Mar Dr Saturday D3 ;Complete new Midnight Santa dishes; 32" H 9 drawer dresser; Black & Decker Workmate 225; Hamilton Bay floor fan; new blue outdoor table umbrella.
22783 Voss Ave Unit B El Prado Way Saturday A2 Abstract acrylic art
10950 Northsky Sq Northsky Sq Both days C1
10837 Alderbrook Ln Bollinger Rd Saturday D3 We might have other stuff too.
21310 Columbus Ave Bubb Rd Both days B3
10500 Baywood Ct Merritt Dr Saturday C1 adult bicycles, 8'x12' rug, queen mattress, computer table, suitcase, folding chairs, ice chest, portable propane grill, other household miscellaneous
10151 Lebanon Dr Stevens Creek Saturday A2 Chinese books, music instruments (flute), tea sets, stuffed animals, mens clothes (new)
1117 Craig Dr Bollinger Rd Sunday